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Please find resources below to assist in preparing a competitive proposal and more generally to support the creation of quality training and evaluation datasets. Resources are categorized by domain (general, agriculture, climate, health, or language). 

General Resources 

Lacuna Fund Policies  

Lacuna Fund Guidance 

Cloud Storage and Computing Power 

  • In-kind cloud storage and computing power may be available from Lacuna Fund partners. If you would like to utilize this resource, please include it in your budget. Current in-kind support is available from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Selected teams will receive instructions for how to apply when they receive their award. If you are interested in including in-kind services from Google or AWS in your proposal and budget, the following tool is available to help estimate the cost for your project: 
  • Machine Learning CO2 Emissions Calculator


Satellite Imagery 


Lessons Learned 

  • 2023 Lacuna Fund Learning and Evaluation Report: South African-based consultants Data Innovators performed an evaluation of Lacuna Fund’s activities and funded projects from 2020-2022. This report assesses what aspects of Lacuna Fund have effectively and efficiently enabled the creation, expansion, and maintenance of representative and unbiased training datasets for ML; examines process challenges experienced by stakeholders; and provides recommendations for improvement. 
  • INFOGRAPHIC – 2023 Lacuna Fund Learning and Evaluation Report: Summary of measurable results, lessons, and best practices from implementing Lacuna Fund over 2020-2022, providing insights on achievements and lessons for the ongoing improvement of the fund.
  • 2020 Grantee Lessons Learned: Summary of lessons learned from the first round of Lacuna funding, which included the Agriculture and Natural Language Processing domains. 
  • Lessons Learned from Lacuna Fund’s First Year of Funding: This report summarizes outcomes and learnings from Lacuna Fund’s first two calls for proposals with an eye towards providing guidance to future applicants and insight to the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence for social good. 

Past Events 

Agriculture Resources 

Language Resources 

Lacuna Fund in the Press