Agriculture Domain

Lacuna Fund agriculture datasets unlock the power of machine learning to alleviate food security challenges, spur economic opportunities, and give researchers, farmers, communities, and policymakers access to superior agricultural datasets. Learn more and download released datasets below.

2020 Awards

Description: This machine learning dataset of smallholder farmer’s fields includes georeferenced crop images along with labels on input use, crop management, phenology, crop damage, and yields, collected across 8 counties in Kenya.

Authors: Lilian Waithaka, Koen Hufkens, Berber Kramer and Benson Njuguna

Dataset: access here

Description: This dataset includes corrected geolocations of fields, improving the usability of the most expansive Eastern Africa crop cut yield estimation. Collected by the non-profit One Acre Fund from 2015 – 2019, this dataset covers major crop producing regions in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Dataset: access here

Description: This project built a remotely monitored and controlled Internet of Things (IoT) fish pond water quality management system for the generation of labeled datasets both for conventional ponds and the aquaponic pond systems.

Authors: Udanor Collins, Blessing Ogbuokiri, and Nweke Onyiny

Dataset: access here

All Lacuna Fund datasets are licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 International license unless otherwise noted.