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Putting the benefits of machine learning within reach of data scientists, researchers, and social entrepreneurs worldwide.

We mobilize funding for labeled datasets that solve urgent problems in low- and middle-income contexts globally

Our Voice in Data

Machine learning has shown great potential to address critical needs, but in low- and middle-income contexts globally, a lack of unbiased, labeled data puts the benefits out of reach. Lacuna Fund is the world’s first collaborative effort to directly address this problem. 

Guided by machine learning professionals worldwide, Lacuna Fund will provide data scientists, researchers, and social entrepreneurs with the resources they need to either produce new labeled datasets to address an underserved population or problem, augment existing datasets to be more representative, or update old datasets to be more sustainable.

Funding Partners

Funding Partners

"Labeled data is the fuel for machine learning. We’re proud to launch Lacuna Fund to give the next generation of engineers and scientists worldwide the fuel they need to build tools that strengthen agriculture systems, support health decisions, and enable natural language processing."
Evan Tachovsky
Director and Lead Data Scientist, The Rockefeller Foundation

Our Structure

Lacuna Fund is a funder collaborative with robust multi-stakeholder decision-making.

Our Funding

Explore the domain areas Lacuna Fund grants in and learn about our application process.

Our Story

Learn more about the need Lacuna Fund addresses and the Fund's principles.

Image: USGS/Landsat